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Cancellation of the Order
09 Aug

Cancellation of the Order

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Attention Please,

You can only cancel products that have been delivered to cargo and whose tracking number has been notified to you, providing that you return the product in the time it has been delivered to you. If our customers, who contact us via WhatsApp, Instagram DM, Call Center and Mail, have their cargo on the way, threatening us by saying ''I'll open a dispute, I'll tell you withdraw money from our credit card unannounced'' or calling and applying the bank directly without talking to us first make them turn out to be in the wrong. As a company, we have decided to cancel all our support customers who act in this way. In event of a cancellation request from your bank, our intermediary bank will be provided with all information (except credit card) you give during your order along with the tracking code. In such a case, you not only lose your cancellation request but also product warranty and service support.

Our objective is not to give our customers the wrong service and lose them, but to satisfy them by delivering products as immediate as possible. Please note that there may be several reasons for your products' late delivery and remember some products you purchased are replicas.  We pay strict attention to replica products in order not to get stuck in the customs.
 We are always here for the solution.

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