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Important Notice About Shipments
09 Aug

Important Notice About Shipments

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Dear Valued Customers, 

There is a commercial war between America and China in these days. As you know, America has increased the tax on Chinese products from 10% to 25%. In addition to this, many countries that have business with China are placing similarly closed embargoes. Exhausted products in American warehouse stocks are being shipped from stocks in Hong Kong or Europe. In this circumstances, 5-7 days of the delivery term is being extended.  We would like to state that we are doing all we can to not to disrupt our customers in the extended delivery period case and we hope you will understand us.  Similar cases can be experienced in all despatches, including quick despatches. Because there is a risk of being stuck in customs in the replica products that you purchase. If the products submitted to an examination, you lose both your money and you cannot receive the products. In order to prevent this problem, we are paying more attention to sending your products in the most correct way than sending them fast. 

We share with you a related example from our customer below. Our customer insisted on the urgent shipping and the result was as follows. Therefore, we want you to show some patience and know that we are doing all we can to deliver your products at the soonest possible date.

Thank you for choosing us,
United Luxury Shop